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    on Apr 20th, 2018

Every woman’s passage through menopause is different. The lucky ones sail through barely noticing a difference, while for others the journey is fraught with life-changing side effects. Most women fall somewhere in between, experiencing symptoms that range from night sweats to pain during intercourse.

This second point is one that, for far too long, women have suffered in silence -- until now. Thanks to the efforts of gynecologists like Dr. Wendy Hurst, women are now able to enjoy happy, active sex lives long into their post-reproductive years, making them golden, indeed.

Here at her practice in Englewood, New Jersey, Dr. Hurst offers the latest breakthrough technology for sexual health after menopause -- the MonaLisa Touch®. This state-of-the-art laser system is bringing hope to women around the world, not only in restoring vaginal health but by addressing embarrassing incontinence issues, as well.

The following offers a brief introduction to the side effects of menopause and how the MonaLisa Touch can be a game-changer in your life.

Vaginal dryness

One of the chief complaints during and after menopause is less lubrication, which leads to vaginal dryness and painful sex. The main driver of menopause is a drop in estrogen, the hormone responsible for most of your reproductive functions. Under that job title, your estrogen encourages vaginal health in many ways, such as:

As your estrogen levels begin to drop, so do these benefits. With the loss of blood flow, lubrication, and collagen, your vaginal tissue can become thin and dry, making intercourse uncomfortable, if not painful.

The MonaLisa Touch

Using the MonaLisa Touch, Dr. Hurst delivers harmless laser energy into the walls of your vagina in order to trigger a mild healing response. And one of the first things your body does in this mode is to ramp up collagen production. With renewed collagen, your tissue gains more tone and elasticity, beefing up thinning tissue.

Your body also responds with increased blood flow to the area, which helps with lubrication and overall tissue and muscle health.

This combined effect not only rejuvenates your vagina, it also helps you battle incontinence and prolapse. Incontinence that comes on with menopause is often created by the weakened tissue in your vagina, which leads to less support of your bladder. By firming up the muscles and tissue in the area, your bladder gets the support it needs, helping it stay in place and hold its contents better.

No pain, no gain? Hardly.

One of the most amazing features of the MonaLisa Touch technology is that the laser treatments are virtually painless. The energy passes through your skin without damaging the surface area and targets the cells beneath. To deliver this energy, Dr. Hurst uses a wand, which she inserts into your vagina, bringing us to the next advantage.

No time flat

Each MonaLisa Touch treatment lasts mere minutes, typically from three to five. For most cases, Dr. Hurst recommends three treatments spaced six weeks apart to allow your tissue to grow healthier in between sessions. So, in just three visits that last less than five minutes, you can turn the tables on dry, fragile vaginal tissue, restoring health and vitality to the area.

Back to life

Since the MonaLisa Touch treatments are noninvasive, you’re free to get back to your routine after each in-office treatment. The convenience and speed of this laser technology allow you to get your sex life back on track without skipping a beat in your daily life.

To be sure, this won’t happen overnight, as it takes time for your body to produce healthy, new tissue, but by the time you walk out of your third appointment, you will notice a difference in your vaginal health.

If you still have questions about the MonaLisa Touch, we invite you to give us a call. Or you can fill out the form under the “request appointment” button on this website to schedule a consultation.

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