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Every woman’s passage through menopause is different. The lucky ones sail through barely noticing a difference, while for others the journey is fraught with life-changing side effects. Most women fall somewhere in between, experiencing symptoms that range from night sweats to pain during intercourse. This second point is one that, for far too long, women […]

Five Things You May Not Know About Birth Control

Did you know that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers birth control one of the 10 greatest public health achievements of the 20th century? Besides being the most reliable and effective way to avoid unplanned pregnancy, birth control also gives women the ability to time the pregnancies they do plan to have. If […]

Dispelling Myths About Sex After Menopause

Whether you’re approaching menopause or you’ve been in the midst of it for years, chances are you have a few misconceptions about how it might affect your sex life. You may have heard, for example, that the normal hormonal changes will dampen your desire, dry out your vaginal tissues, or even transform the pleasure of […]

What Every Woman Should Know About Cervical Cancer Protection

Just a few short decades ago, cervical cancer was one of the leading causes of cancer-related death among American women. Today, thanks to routine cervical cancer screenings using the Pap test, far fewer women are dying from cervical cancer than ever before. That’s good news. Still, it’s estimated that more than 13,000 women in the […]

Tips To Manage Hot Flashes

Hot flashes seem to happen at the most inopportune times, don’t they? You might get that sudden feeling of warmth that reddens your face and spreads quickly over your upper body just as you’re about to give an important presentation, or it may hit you when your partner is feeling uncharacteristically amorous. It can be […]


I trust her implicitly…

Dr. Hurst and her staff are exceptional, by far the most well run, friendly, thorough, practitioner office experiences one could ask for. I have been seeing Dr. Hurst for many years, she s treated and guided me through several health-related challenges. I trust her implicitly and highly recommend her whether it’s routine consultations or more complex concerns, she has consistently given me the best possible care and support.
” ~ Alison U.

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